Local Lead Generation – Micro Sites

Lead Generation Sites create an additional traffic source, effectively multiplying your leads & sales. Take advantage of the fact that you can now easily roll out ready-to-go lead generation sites in any market you want.
Key Features:

  • Perfectly optimized for converting online leads.
  • Perfectly optimized for SEO.
  • Custom professional template design included.
  • Customized web forms.
  • Fully-functional, built-in lead management system and real-time lead forwarding.
  • Advanced tracking and custom script insertion options -perfect for retargeting, conversion goals, other metrics.
  • Built exclusively with 100% unique, American-produced content. (Six full-content pages, including a premium article for the homepage).
  • Built for flexibility, so you can easily edit or modify your sites as required.
  • Installed and set up for you, so that the moment its complete -its ready to promote your business!